Radio Roadmovies Christian Calon, Chantal Dumas

Her work is made up of moments. Each moment is intense and transparent but contained within a clearly audible narrative arc. Musicworks, Canada

Radio Roadmovies comprises two different but complementary approaches to soundscape work that showcase Calon and Dumas’s considerable aural and poetic talents. Musicworks, Canada

Summer. July 9 — September 9, 1999. 20,000 km on Canadian roads and trails. From Montréal across the Prairies to the North-Western Arctic, down to the Pacific and back through the Badlands. The Mercury minivan took the road, loaded with recording equipment, tools, DAT cassettes, tent, Coleman burner, sleeping bags and cooking apparatus, spare tires, beer and camera, boots, books and maps.

  • 326music
  • 326 006/007 / 2003
  • Total duration: 108:44

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Radio Roadmovies

Christian Calon, Chantal Dumas

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