Alluvion’s work has fused high and low technology to explore the sounds hidden in the everyday objects. The computer receives input from various sources — everything from disembodied transistor radios and electromagnetic interference created by appliances, to small bits of found cassette dragged across tape heads and email converted into audio files. Physical sources are modified in a manner that is as much a part of the creative process as the recording / mixing / editing. Radios and keyboards are torn apart, guitars are played with remote controls and mallets, data files are scrambled and randomized, vinyl records are treated with glue, carved with razors, coated with spray paint, left outdoors to endure the elements. The supposed randomness of this inaudible portion of the compositional process is what gives life to the sounds hidden in everyday objects, and forms the basis of Alluvion’s digital explorations.

CD-R 3”

  • Label: Aesova
  • AESOVA 00001101 / 2002
  • 86 mm × 84 mm × 2 mm
  • 10 g