Mantra of Love

Acid Mothers Temple

Alien8 Recordings has been exploring a more melodic brand of psychedelia recently through releases with Shalabi Effect, Soft Canyon, and Tanakh. We are now pleased to continue our work in this direction with “Mantra of Love” by Japan’s Acid Mothers Temple. “Mantra of Love” will be the feature release for Acid Mothers Temple’s North American tour that begins on May 21, 2004.

“Mantra of Love” is destined to be a classic release in the expanding catalogue of one of today’s most exciting psychedelic ensembles. It is beautifully recorded, featuring the group’s cleanest production thus far. Cotton Casino’s vocals been beautifully captured, rivalling the “Univers Zen ou de Zéro à Zéro” release on France’s Fractal label.

Our previous release by the band, “Electric Heavyland,” became one of their most notorious efforts due to its over-the-top intensity. While “Electric Heavyland” served AMT diehards with more of their patented psyche mayhem, it also struck a chord with the metal set due to its undeniable heavyosity.

The recording is made up of two tracks. “La Le Lo,” a traditional Occitan piece, is somewhat similar to the classic “La Novia” release. It is largely based around the very melodic vocals of Cotton Casino. Halfway through the track speed guru Kawabata Makoto let’s the thunder roll, giving the feeling of an entirely new track until it becomes melodic again towards the end. “Mantra of Love” is the perfect release for those who enjoy the more melodic, drone-out, hippy elements of the band, but also want the piece to let loose from time to time.

The recording’s fifteen minute closing piece, “L’Ambition dans le Miroir,” starts of with Casino’s gurgling synth washes panning from left to right, and then a beautiful guitar melody reminiscent of “Lady Pink Lemonade” is introduced. This track remains incredibly melodic and easy-listening throughout, with spacey electronics and great guitar lines. Once again on center stage is lead vocalist Cotton Casino.

Our obsession with the psychedelic genre can be traced back to our involvement with Japanese noise. One of the main attractions to the noise of fellow Japanese artists such as Haino Keiji, Masonna and Merzbow has been the psychedelic elements layered within the barrage of sound. When it comes to documenting Japanese artists we are very pleased with our roster, and Acid Mothers Temple have been one of Japan’s most exciting exports over the last few years.

The recording will be beautifully package in our custom gatefold packaging.


  • Label: Alien8 Recordings
  • ALIEN 44 / 2004
  • Total duration: 45:02
  • 128 mm × 143 mm × 7 mm
  • 50 g