Les machines animales; Le livre sonore Pierre-André Arcand

“The Animal Machines”

Avatar’s bestiary is acquiring more and more species. The Animal Machines are the most recent ones. The pieces were improvised during studio sessions with The Resounding Book, the Macchina Ricordi and a set of microphones that are used as pencils, points, pens. Their friction generate machine-like and animal-like sounds. The whole work is structured as a narration and the titles clearly show the archetypal model that emerged. A world of fiction, tale, animation. A story for the ear that you can listen to while walking around the room, at the mix position or with headphones.

“The Resounding Book”

Eres + 21; Écrire fait du bruit, the previous CD, came with a book: Écrire fait du bruit (writing makes noises): a collection of texts over 48 pages long with visual poems; to assert the connection with writing and poetry. This time, The Animal Machines come with a catalogue entitles Le livre sonore (The Resounding Book), the book-object and instrument used for this recording. The idea was to put it in perspective in relation to my multidisciplinary experience in the visual arts field: objects, book-objetcts, installation. A twenty-year journey. Photographs, commentaries, documentation.

  • OHM / Avatar
  • AVTR 013 / 1999
  • UPC/EAN 771028211326
  • Total duration: 31:45

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Les machines animales; Le livre sonore

Pierre-André Arcand

  • CD 2.0
    AVTR 013
    Not in catalogue

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