Behind a Thatched Divider

Various artists

Behind a Thatched Divider is Dainty Deathy’ official label launching compilation of artists and sounds from Canada, the UK and the USA that Dainty Deathy hopes to focus on in the future.

BATD collects from the bedroom musicologist playing with 4-tracks, samplers, computers and experimental approaches influenced by an ever evolving musical environment. Most of the artists here are displaying personal material first their time. These include: The Balky Mule, The Scientifics, Lillico BUILT Instruments, Piedmond Sorpid, Chris Cole, Ramen, Les Hashishiens, Bartoc and Nook.

Hosted by mock band “The Sinuses,” a group of three anonymous musicians who never had an intention for their music nor did they ever have the notion that they were a band, suddenly find their material edited into short and bizarre musical interludes leading the listener though this compilation.

550 Editions — 320 units with a custom Thatched Divider and hard paper jacket, 230 with just the jacket (not available from electrocd.com).

CD (DDCD 03)

  • Label: Dainty Deathy
  • DDCD 03
  • 2000
  • Total duration: 56:16
  • 130 mm × 126 mm × 4 mm
  • 40 g

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