Piedmont Sorpid

This third release from Nelson, BC’s Piedmont Sorpid tackles an idea of his that had been in mind all along. As a lone multi instrumentalist, CJ Einar (Piedmont Sorpid) has been working at melding tape manipulations to technology, isolationism to pop and rock to ambient since the early 90’s.

“WilberForce” combines everything musical that he has learned and encountered, while routing it through his idea of total compositional simplicity. Each track on this mini-CD examines the effect of a sound or instrument’s experimental placement abilities while in the confines of a more traditional “pop” music; something that was only slightly explored on Piedmont Sorpid’s previous 2 releases. Here, guitars, drums, bass and keys, are all being played on top of some simple but thoughtfully composed chord progressions and / or looped musical pads that either dictate or define each accompanying instrument’s paths and roles.

Featured musicians include the guitar talents of Sam Jones and Chris Cole (Both from Movietone, Crescent), on-going collaborators Melissa Hames and Caleb Lambert as well as a few others helping to give this strange disc a rather rich palette of color and sound.

Transparency wrapped cardboard slip cover.

CD (DDCD 05)

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