Without Fear Rainer Bürck

“The evocative strength of ‘Des ombres de la nuit’ on its own is worth finding this record and listening to it.”

—François Couture, Délire actuel, CFLX-FM, Sherbrooke (Québec)

A complex sonic tapestry: Without Fear features works for solo instrument and interactive computer electronics, as well as works for tape alone. Performances by Miriam Arnold, flute, and Günter Marx, violin, reveal such a close integral relationship between musician and electronics that it truly sounds like extensions of the instruments themselves. Bürck’s music is sometimes eerie, sometimes playful and always wonderfully rich and vivid.

  • Earsay
  • ES 99001 / 1999
  • Total duration: 59:19

Without Fear

Rainer Bürck

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