Gratte-cité Ned Bouhalassa

  • Canada Council for the Arts • SODEC

Prix Opus 2008-09: Disque de l’année — Finaliste

… a couple of new releases from award-winning electroacoustic composers… The Sound Projector, UK

Mostly, though, it’s a maze of dreams you journey through Ned Bouhalassa’s opening work on this phonogram. I can even hear and feel the swinging on a swing; that fluctuation in gravity and that smooth air rushing back round your face… Sonoloco Record Reviews, Sweden


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Ned Bouhalassa


About Gratte-cité

The title of this disc translates to “cityscraper.” In preparing the sonic materials for these pieces, I selected, like a DJ, what I liked out of my large collection of recordings, though in my case, these are recordings of city soundscapes. I then imagined a fantasy, where a gigantic vinyl record’s grooves are replaced by the jagged outline of skyscrapers, and I, a giant, drop an impossibly-large needle and begin to ‘play’ the city.

This disc is dedicated to my wife Brenda Keesal, who is also my best friend, my biggest supporter, and an excellent judge of what works.

Ned Bouhalassa [viii-08]

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