La mécanique des ruptures Gilles Gobeil

  • Canada Council for the Arts • Ministère des affaires culturelles du Québec

Le vertige inconnu: Prix Ars Electronica 1995 — 2e prix

Décidément, le Québec […] regorge de compositeurs créatifs qui ne cessent de repousser les limites de leur discipline et d’être reconnus internationalement. La Scena Musicale, Québec

Québécois electroacoustic music has earned a place in the hearts of avant-garde music lovers everywhere…, Québec


  • 44,1 kHz, 16 bits


  • 44,1 kHz, 16 bits

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La mécanique des ruptures

[Fracture Mechanics]

Gilles Gobeil


Fracture Mechanics, the Disc

Medieval stone-cutters would strike rock, making it ‘ring’ in order to judge its worth for construction. The illustration on the cover refers to stained glass found in the Bourges cathedral (France).

I’ve discovered that my work as a composer has much in common with this branch of civil engineering — exploring and evaluating the behaviour of material on the verge of splitting apart. The composer searches out well-defined forms, strong and clearly cut, alternating movements and interaction marked by tension and release.

The material which I use is subjected to restraint, to enormous pressure, until it finally sunders, shatters, transforms. Brought to its breaking point.

Gilles Gobeil, Montréal [vi-94]

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