Des parasites risquent de se produire

Loren Boyer

A native of northern Florida, recently relocated to Boston, MA, guitarist Loren Boyer presents nine homemade electro-acoustic compositions on his first widely available recorded work. Des parasites risquent de se produire downplays guitar in favor of amplified toys, tapes, bizarre atmospheres, and electronic drones. The result is an introspective, claustrophobic album of melancholy song-like forms, at times innocent and naive, or oppressive and raw. From the gritty, distant percussive opening to the majestic tape-squeal finale, Des parasites risquent de se produire is a concise and intensely personal statement from a unique and underdocumented artist. Includes introductory essay by Davey Willams.

Boyer currently performs both solo and with Harvey Benschoter as the electronics duo Horse Sinister.

“Immediately impressive… Time, or maybe time pieces, could play a part in the construction of this series of (mostly) guitar compositions, nearly all of which have something curious ticking inside them. Elsewhere, subterranean drones and radio squeal add thier atmospheric weight to the proceedings until, finally, Boyer’s pecking guitar style emerges fleetingly before being gobbled up in a storm of sonic flak. Great stuff.” —Edwin Pouncey, The Wire

“The music is throbbing and ominous, subterranian and seditious. It is sleepwalking at noon with civil defense sirens going off all around you. In short, this music is disturbing.” —Glenn Engstrand, The Improvisor

“A perfect companion for everything but sleeping. Decidedly great.” —Nirav Soni, Ink 19

CD (INT 009)