Meteor Circuit

Nerve Net Noise

Nerve Net Noise is the synthesizer duo of Tsuyoshi Nakamaru and Hiroshi Kumakiri, who confused and irritated just about everyone with thier CD “160/240,” published by the Meme label several years ago. Each Nerve Net Noise album is an astoundingly thorough exploration of one aspect of what thier rough and barely controllable homemade synthesisers can do. Meteor Circuit explores rhythms and beats, but it’s no minimal glitch album, and neither is NNN a “noise" band; they are after something much more ellusive and beautiful than mere obvious full-bore screech. With a strange new angle on electronic improvisation, they twisted knobs until their machines produced rhythmic pulses, then hit record and let the instruments decide what would happen next. The “natural" imperfections of the synthesizers’ circuitry determined how each piece would evolve with little or no interaction from the artists. They then editted the works into a coherent, intense and (it must be said bluntly) immensely bizarre album. There isn’t anyone else doing quite what Nerve Net Noise is doing, and no convenient genre or style that they fit into, which is why they are one of Intransitive’s very favorite groups and why we are especially proud to present “Meteor Circuit" to you now.

Following two albums on Kazunao Nagata’s cult Zero Gravity label and last year’s stunning “Various Amusements" CD on Hronir (and, of course, the infamous “160/240" on Meme), “Meteor Circuit" is the first Nerve Net Noise CD published in the USA. Nakamura records more accessible techno-pop under the alias Tagomago. He also records using the alias Toki-Meki Science for Nobukazu Takemura’s Childisc label. The band describes their sound as “electric noise music, but not academic, not mere noisy sound. We think that our music is not so much noise music as new kind of pop music".

“No two ways about it, you’re either going to love Meteor Circuit or think it’s the most annoying con-job going in electronica. As for the tunes? They’re surprisingly evocative. No shreds of unnecessary noise, the world of chirping and bleeping sounds very much like it was created with corks and bottles -- there’s a distinctly real-world feel that’s at odds with the oscillator-born nature of the enterprise. If you’ve got the tolerance and don’t mind people asking you why you’ve got a recording of a car-alarm, then Nerve Net Noise’s work is for you. For all the technology involved, there’s an immensely satisfying human feel to the tunes here -- more so than in a lot of other electronic releases. No MIDI, no chopping, no bullshit: this is the real deal." -Splendid eZine

“I simply can’t tear myself away, listening to these tracks for hours on end, bewitched by these cheerful oscillations. I never feel that the sounds are grating, impersonal or oppressive. Rather, Nerve Net Noise make a music that invites the listener to come closer, to become immersed in its alluring incongruities. In his liner notes, Hiroshi Kumakiri speaks of creating new life with their machines; I can’t attest to whether these sounds are indeed alive, but I can say that this music is without a doubt quite unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. Highly recommended." -Incursion

“Imagine a nest of robotic birds, mechanically, repetitively chirping at one another, slowly building into patterns and rhythms that will drill themselves into your brain, causing either the euphoria of a trepanation (if you’re into it) or simply the pain of such. But it’s clear that the former is the intention. These guys aren’t trying to make assaultive music for masochists -- they just hear things differently from most folks. (Is it perverse to like this stuff? ‘Cause some of us here have more than one NNN CD in our collections...)" -Aquarius Records

“A must for all analogue synth freaks." -Vital Weekly

“(Nerve Net Noise’s) music is unclassifiable analog electronica, and if anything, this CD pushes things deeper into the world of weird. Why? Because it seems Kumakiri Hiroshi and Tsuyoshi Nakamura (aka Tagomago) have decided to think of their music as an avatar of pop instead of sound art. With anyone else it would result in music more easy to grasp; with them it just makes things more impossible to describe. Meteor Circuit is one strange, unique experience that will probably appeal to fans of the Serge modular, the Buchla box, and the VCS-3." -All-Music Guide

“If, in your life, you are only able to own one piece of recorded media, PLEASE make it the forthcoming Nerve Net Noise CD, Meteor Circuit, on the Intransitive label." -Greg Kelley, nmperign

“Despite what an enthusiastic Greg Kelley (of nmperign) says about it, more than a masterpiece this record is a big shitty fraud" -BlowUp