Five Points Fincastle

Joshua Treble

Cincinnati based Joshua Treble (aka Tony Boggs) has quietly been making beautiful, delicate and enduring music for the past four years. Author of the sublime Cold Filthy Techniques to Keep you Close on American label Pitchcadet (a label responsible for early records by Jetone and Accelera Deck, among others) Treble, along with Mitchell Akiyama also makes up half of the instrumental deconstructionist duo Désormais. The group’s two albums of sublime post-rock/post-classical compositions have received almost unanimous critical praise, earning them comparisons to Fennesz and My Bloody Valentine, among others.

Five Points Fincastle, Joshua Treble’s second solo full length, is an album of delicate fragments and little epics. Smeared guitars, obscured strings and ghostly field recordings are woven into melancholy tapestries. Treble’s compositions are full of a blurry majesty – enormous in ambition and instrumentation, but far away, somewhere on the horizon, enshrouded in mist. An essential album for fans of Tim Hecker, Gas and those interested in the future of instrumental electronic music.

Five Points features contributions from Désormais and Avia Gardner vocalist Jenna Robertson.

CD (INTR 011)

  • Label: Intr_version
  • INTR 011
  • 2003
  • UCC 620675170626
  • 127 mm × 140 mm × 5 mm
  • 35 g

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