Dead Letters to Lost Friends


It’s been over two years since Désormais (Mitchell Akiyama and Joshua Treble) released their fractured and poetic album iambrokenandremadeiambroken…. Once again, Montréal and Cincinnati were the landing and sketch pads for a collaboration written in black ink and whiskey. Some droning and fluttering crosstalk from iambroken… has bled into this latest work – the guitars are still damaged, the strings still splintered, the drums still clapping like thunder…

Intentionally and incidentally entitled Dead Letters To Lost Friends, Désormais’s third album flits between nostalgic lilt and joyful explosion and elaborates on the group’s instrumental palette. The result is less a pile of sand than a piece of sandpaper, a cohesive surface that holds several styles of disorder. Dead Letters To Lost Friends features contributions from drummer Eric Craven (Hanged Up), Spencer Yeh (Burning Star Core), Jenna Robertson (Avia Gardner), Vitaminsforyou and others.

CD (INTR 014)

  • Label: Intr_version
  • INTR 014 / 2005
  • UCC 620675201542
  • 128 mm × 140 mm × 5 mm
  • 40 g

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