After a year of hard working and gnome hunting, the chicken punisher finally delivers his debut album. Reimer Eising with his Kettel-Dreim LP has built a cool trunk-full of melodic nostalgia and grooves with a hip-hop attitude. His use of repetition and layering is done similar to the way of Plaid or Boards of Canada, feelings drawn from simple movements with purpose. Dream-like connections between the parts. Memorable songs. Discover a great album where the ambivalent dsp frills of some are replaced with original fun and emotion.

“Please note that this musical service is not for use for children over 113 years of age. If it comes to my attention through reliable means that a listener is a child over 113 years of age, Kracfive will send gnomes to steal the CD back. Also please note that this CD is always vulnerable to various gnome attacks and hence should be considered unsecured.” -- Kettel

CD (KFAT 006)

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