Colongib & Octopus Inc

Colongib, Octopus Inc

Touches all the ground from noise to sampledelica to Original Instrument, their most recent collaboration with Kettel and Miragliuolo. While Original Instrument used only the human voice as a sound source, this new release finds Chris & Noah on familiar ground, where everything and anything is available as an instrument including Japanese Gagaku, violins, and a bulldozer graveyard. This is ‘electronic’ music about metal and dust, gritty and dreamy, as listenable as Matmos or Boards of Canada, always balancing between chaos and the songs and the beats… and the notes. CD version comes with enhanced data track with music videos, KRACFIVE sequencer, mp3’s.

CD (KFAT 012)

  • Label: Kracfive
  • KFAT 012
  • 2003
  • 122 mm × 124 mm × 4 mm
  • 35 g

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