Des passages de Charnière et autres pièces + Ma magie

Michelle Boudreau

… a learning and mind opening experience worth every effort. The WholeNote, Canada

2 × CD (MB CHMM)

Disc 1: Des passages de Charnière et autres pièces

Disc 2: Ma magie

  • 1
    Ma magie (1992), 4:24
    narrator, psaltery and fixed medium
  • Label: Éditions Mélusine
  • 2004
  • UCC 771028231621
  • Total duration: 59:24
  • 127 mm × 143 mm × 20 mm
  • 220 g

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Tiina Kiik, The WholeNote, no. 10:1, September 1, 2004

Composer Michelle Boudreau’s charnière is the musical element of the artwork ‘sculpture/object’ of the same name by Luc Bourbonnais. Comprised of five pieces (four of which appear on this release), the aural element of this music-theatre work succeeds independently. The bilingual liner notes support the listener’s ability to navigate this fascinating work. Though it may require repeated listenings to fully understand the musical nuances, this effort is certainly time not wasted. Having never seen this work live, I can only assume that with the accompanying visuals, this would not be the case.

Boudreau’s work utilizes both electroacoustic elements with live performance; her work is especially moving when she employs the human voice. The first track, charnière: langage oublié, is mesmerizing. Over 17 minutes in length, the work opens with a sound reminiscent of a squeaky wooden door at a remote cottage. Referred to as “a piece with its own complete universe,” the accompanying vocal chants, performed superlatively by soprano Danièle Forget, create an hypnotic ‘universal’ ambiance and the strongest example of Boudreau’s ‘charniere’ recordings on this release. Of the two other works, Berté litice, la suite (introduction), for four cellos, is a compelling piece that shows another side of Boudreau’s musical vision.

Michelle Boudreau’s work here remains an enignia for me. My 2 initial difficulty in listening quickly changed to fascination. Des passages de Charnière + Ma magie et autres pièces is a learning and mind opening experience worth every effort.

… a learning and mind opening experience worth every effort.