And the Five Racoon Army The Twombley Spiders

For release numero 100, we are quite happy, no, make that plain ecstatic, to welcome back our good friend Eryk Salvaggio (remember Infoslut? Matrix Assimilation? And even more akas than you can shake a memory stick at?) and his new partner-in-crime Katia Perdoni, in a new project called The Twombley Spiders. On this inaugural release, the Spiders play a deep, lush kind ambient-tinged IDM, and sometimes they sing on top of it. Great music for Sunday mornings and other such instances of lying on the futon and enjoying your time.

All tracks by Eryk Salvaggio, except tracks 4, 6 by Eryk Salvaggio and Katia Perdoni. Programming by Eryk Salvaggio. Electric guitar, drums and vocals on track 4 and guitar and maracas on track 6 by Katia Perdoni.

This item can be downloaded and/or listened to at

And the Five Racoon Army

The Twombley Spiders

Katia Perdoni, Eryk Salvaggio

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