Et si l’aurore disait oui… Martin Messier

Et si l’aurore disait oui… is young Montréal composer Martin Messier on guitar (one note at a time), melodica (one black note at a time), voice (one syllable at a time), bass (one string at a time), glockenspiel (one hand at a time), piano (one finger at a time), and computers (audio and video at the same time). And when it’s all mixed up together, you get a complex and leftfield sound amalgam that is happily strange and sweetly idiosyncratic, while borrowing from certain (good) ideas of IDM, acousmatics, pop, folk and even prog. Basically, a more than pertinent addition to No Type’s catalogue circa 2007.

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Et si l’aurore disait oui…

Martin Messier

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