Leonard Nimoy Oeuf Korreckt

Debut Oeuf Korreckt EP, featuring three tracks of caustic, bleepy sequenced bliss & a “demo version” of Seveth Rictus to round it up.

This item can be downloaded and/or listened to at notype.com.

Leonard Nimoy

Oeuf Korreckt


Original (1998) Liner Notes

isn’t the future commonplace enough? aren’t spaceships & time travel a well-known reality of not-so-far-future? & well, isn’t leonard nimoy a household name yet?

just like other far-fetching visionaries autechre, luke vibert & aphex twin, christopher young, the man behind the oeuf korreckt machine, masterfully handles the job of creating the future in the comfort of your own headphones.

this debut ep, a teaser to his upcoming full-length colleckted, has young prove his skills in three tracks (& one remix) that are at once joyful & warm. beware of the man, for he clearly knows how to launch a crunchy beat & a meaty riff to go along.

David Turgeon

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