Pacman and Colongib 2 Colongib, Pacman

Japanese label Obtain Freedom is proud to release the 2nd step of the collaborate remix project by the elite crew “Pacman”(a.k.a. Octopus Inc) and “Colongib” of an attention label Kracfive of U.S. electronica scene! The tracks selection from the long unavailable “PACMAN|COLONGIB” CD (released by the 1st work of Kracfive in 1998), the best tracks from their individual debut albums (also from 1998 and long unavailable), and an excellent unreleased collaborative effort called “Farm Plant”. This collector’s CD of a total of 13 tracks! The sound in early works of them consists of the simple and complex bright melodies and breakbeats which are associated with BGM of an initial video game! Artist who has developed into an unprecedented new electronic breakbeats style and who continues to be expected!

Pacman and Colongib 2

Colongib, Pacman

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