Bruit TTV Bruit TTV

BRUIT TTV is an experimental music group made up of artists associated with Obscure. From various disciplines, they are regrouped in several cells of performers/instrumentalists which can vary, according to the pieces, from 3 to 13 people.

At the junction between music/non-music, sound/noise organization, BRUIT TTV performance mix voice, actions and sound objects, traditionnal and invented instruments, audio-visual sources and techniques…

The repertory of BRUIT TTV includes in varying proportions, conventional notation, sound poetry, tape score, theatrical action, cue systems induced by technological process, words, objects or movements.

In each case, we use both improvisation and composition.

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Bruit TTV

Bruit TTV

Gilles Arteau, Georges Azzaria, France Deslauriers

  • CD 2.0
    OBZ 01
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