Eres + 16

Pierre-André Arcand

An artist and poet, Pierre-André Arcand evolves through performances, sound poetry, experimental music, writing, audio art, and many other aspects of artistic exporations using contemporary technologies.

Arcand presents here his second album, entitled Eres + 16, created using the sound-loop generator* and the resounding book. The pieces on this album are manifestoe where “reality loops out from being too real,” where “the sounds pending on the vertical needles of macro-mecanisms” are things of the past, where trance is induced by the abolishment of sound, and where, “beyond machines,” one discovers a living space that is everything but deserted.

* The sound-loop generator is a tape recorder that can simultanuously record and play-back sound-on-sound loops of 4,5 seconds. The verbal, the vocal, the noises, the instruments are both repeated and accumulated in real time, thus structuring a continuum of sounds.

CD (OBZ 06)

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