Angular Island


Mark Gage of Vapourspace and Michelle Herrmann aka DJ Punisher of Seismic Records Detroit collaborate as Mimi+Boyd producing Angular Island… a 9 song full length CD, and 4 track remix EP (forthcoming beginning of 2003 with mixes by Venetian Snares, Scud, Hellfish and Vapourspace.) “The CD is techno pop with the emphasis on machinery… we wanted it to have somewhat of a hard edge to it with a pop chewy center, and kinda grooved on the whole ‘metallic’ feel to the percussion. The obtuse blasts of synths and samples kinda remind me (Gage speaking) of bad Japanese sci-fi/Godzilla movies.” The CD is segued, traditional Mark Gage style, and is a triptych of clanging metals, 4/4 kicks and a manifesto of techno pop and the machinery of machines.

CD (PH 38)

  • Label: Phthalo
  • PH 38 / 2002
  • 128 mm × 128 mm × 4 mm
  • 40 g