Random Activities and Broken Sunsets

Eight Frozen Modules

These are the refined techniques of one Ken Gibson who has released other music on City Slang, Trance Syndicate, LO recordings, and Kake mix. For “Random Activities and Broken Sunsets,” he has developed a completely original means of producing multitrack soundsources. He works in a massive rhythmic study of breakbeats as well as post-concrete techniques reminiscent possibly of certain science fiction music; and, equally noteworthy, though perhaps less apparent, is the sonic clarity and alive-ness here. Absolute attention has been given to instrument choice and placement in ‘the stereo field’ creating a very effective ‘widening and deepening’ of the actual space that one percieves the sound in, as well as a very convincing ‘movement of that space’; The mix itself seems to move as one instrument. Please consider this to be one of the very first albums on record to actually create a ‘performance’ WITH the space heretofore occupied by passive ‘post production’ techniques. It is similar in a way to how fellow Phthalo artist Terminal 11 uses the edit itself as an instrument; Ken uses the whole stereo field as an instrument. There’s a current appearance on the Simball Sounds Recordings “45 seconds” compilation as well as other projects out now being: DubLoner, “Thought Process Disorder” on the Orthlorng Musork label, Electronic Music Composer for the Planet Mu label, Reverse Commuter, and Furry Things.

CD (PH 41)

  • Label: Phthalo
  • PH 41
  • 2003
  • Jewel case
  • 125 mm × 142 mm × 10 mm
  • 85 g

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