Dark Matter Jay Cloidt

Phthalo is proud to finally unveil its first release from the world of “New Music.” A veteran of the legendary Mills College Center for Contemporary Music scene, Jay has been composing since before most so-called “glitchcore” or “quasi-academic-cum-i.d.m.” musicians were born. Jay Cloidt has spent half a lifetime’s study and work on the real nuts and bolts of structuring original electronic music, starting in the days before digital synths, samplers, drum machines, or DSP. Dark Matter is the follow-up to his noted “Kole Kat Krush” CD on the Starkland label (also noted for the re-issue of some classic Dockstader work). “Kole Kat Krush” included Kronos Quartet performing the title track, which they commissioned. This album is much more “brute” in the Phthalo/Techno sense than “Kole Kat Krush.” At many points it is a thorough study of very sustained notes; it demands patience from the listener. Cloidt was around when concrete sounds and synthesis were very deliberate affairs, and an actual inherent part of the creation of the sound itself as opposed to an “added" process which the sound “goes through", and it shows in this work. It is all composition and synthesis - all very intentional.

Dark Matter

Jay Cloidt

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