Des restes humains

Julie Rousse

In these pieces by Julie Rousse the movement remains suspended between the sole coordinates of the anticipated momentary release predetermined by the advent of the inevitable breakdown of the system/machine. The sounds she produces, evoke a perpetual loosening of fixed coordinates, an incessant structural slippage under the constraints of enduring narrative duress. Under that inhumane narrative which motivates, melds and constrains every element of the societal structure the only interest is in the wholly asymmetrical redirection of reflectivity away from itself. Freedom, on the other hand, as is evinced in these pieces, lies precisely within the heart of this structure: in the inevitabilty of it’s momentary break-down under the strains of it’s own existential preconditions. [Mark Pauwen, CONV]

CD-R 3” (PMS 01)

  • Label: PMS Records
  • PMS 01
  • 2003
  • 170 mm × 100 mm × 3 mm
  • 30 g

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