Haunt Me, Haunt Me, Do It Again

Tim Hecker

Announcing debut release by Tim Hecker, A.K.A. Jetone, and the follow up to Substractif’s debut releases by Mitchell Akiyama and Tomas Jirku and the first non-beat release for the sub-label of Alien8 Recordings. This is our strongest release to date for Substractif and will also serve as a door opener in regards to the styles that will be housed by Substractif.

Tim Hecker is not be confused with Mego’s Florian Hecker, but is rather the alter ego of techno maverick Jetone. As Jetone he has released a full length for Pitch cadet aswell as the brand new CD/LP Ultamarin for Force Tracks. This marks the first release under the artist’s real name, aswell as a leap away from techno. This latest recording explores the artist’s interest in structured ambient sound. Here he has constructed strong ambient pieces using lap top, guitar and piano and treating the material in programs such as Audio Mulch.

There are certainly similarities to the likes of Angelo Badlementi, Fennesz, Gas and Oval, but overall the sound is incredibly unique. Tim Hecker has managed to create some of the most memorable ambient music in the last few years. Much like the Austrian guitar/lap top experimentalist Fennesz, Hecker has perfected the art of catchy experimental ambient music.

The recording is comprised of 17 tracks that blend seamlessly into one another, making it perfect for headphone listening or as background music. At times glitch-based minimalism, but also capturing the drama of post rock. Incredibly sad, yet hopeful music that sticks in your head for hours. The mix between tracks 7 and 8 is incredible, beginning on the sabotage tip, wrecking one of today’s pop stars and morphing her music into a dramatic crescendo that brings to mind some of the most memorable aspects of today’s post-rock. Other tracks like 4 and 9 are very sad pieces that bring to mind Mike Ink’s Gas project, but with a heavier hand on the lap top glitch scene mixed in. At times when Hecker is utilizing guitar as a source there bares striking resemblance to that Portuguese guitar sensation Raphael Toral.

Tim Hecker will be touring Europe this fall with up-and-coming Montréal techno producer Akufin. Recording offers are pouring in constantly, but Hecker has decided on a couple of labels to work with as opposed to flooding the market with releases all over the place. Although we do know that there are plans for two mille plateaux compilations as well as some hip hop remixes for Kid 606.

Tim Hecker/Jetone has performed at the very prestigious Mutek event alongside Goem and Mikael Stavostrnd, as well as shows with Tomas Jirku, Sutech, Manitoba, Mitchell Akiyama, Akufin, Marumari, Deadbeat and Kim Cascone.

Packaged in our custom gatefold card stock jacket.


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