Things Collapse in on Themselves

V. V.

V.V. has created an intense and dramatic piece… Incursion Music Review, Canada

v.v. are the initials of Ven Voisey, a sound artist and sculptor from Oakland, California. things collapse in on themselves is one 18 minute piece composed of hisses and drones of urban and suburban environments. these sounds gain structure through aggressive human interaction, then spiral outwards and lose definition as they all layer upon themselves to a recursive “plunk.”

CD-R 3” (THROAT 1)

  • Label: Throat
  • THROAT 1
  • 2002
  • 85 mm × 85 mm × 3 mm
  • 15 g

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Richard di Santo, Incursion Music Review, November 11, 2001

V.V. is one Ven Voisey, who it seems also runs the Throat label, on which this disc was released earlier this year. Things collapse in on themselves features one track that is just under 18 minutes in length. It begins with the sounds of rain, escalating slowly in volume and intensity until a sudden shift takes place, as if closing the door on the rainfall, leaving only an uneven dripping of water along with random concrete sounds. A simple loop on acoustic guitar creates a slow and repetitive lull in the middle of the piece, accompanied by flashes of static and all manner strange sounds. The noise builds and builds, the guitar disappears, the hiss rises in intensity, the sounds become closer and louder, until the piece finally climaxes, coming full circle as it falls back into the rainfall from the opening sequence. V.V. has created an intense and dramatic piece here, and this short disc is quite enough pique my interest about what might be next for him. Recommended.

V.V. has created an intense and dramatic piece…