(For Morton Feldman)

Richard Chartier, Bernhard Günter, Steve Roden

Presents one piece each in homage to Morton Feldman by Richard Chartier, Steve Roden, and me on the occasion of the fifteenth anniversary of his death in September 1987. I am amazed how well these pieces, in spite of being quite different in style, work together to constitute a whole. They also express the influence Morton Feldman’s sublime works have had (and still have) on us in our personal ways of creating music.

Richard’s How Things Change is a rather intimate, pensive piece made of abstract electronic sounds and long streches of silence, while Steve’s Stasis is probably the most hypnotic and atmosperic set of slowly orbiting loops he has ever created. I, who like to say that the safest to expect from me is the unexpected, have composed a piece for winter rain, small brook, and sho, titled Fuyu No Ame (For Morton Feldman), a piece that belongs to what I have called my ’musique concrète, enhanced’ strain of work, but sounds like else nothing I have done.

I have mastered the CD to from a unit with the silences between the works in proportion with the silences they contain. When the master was finished I noticed that the cover I had designed beforehand actually did not fit in with the music presented, and so designed an entirely new one. This cover will be the first full color cover for Trente Oiseaux, anticipating the switch to full color covers I had planned for 2003. I believe that this release is one of Trente Oiseaux’s finest, in both the music it presents, and it’s attractive packaging.

CD (TOC 024)

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