Pierre Schaeffer Évelyne Gayou

[Original French version (of 2011 without CD) of PP14] Texts by Emmanuel Hogg, Évelyne Gayou, Pierre Henry, Brian Kane, Réjean Beaucage, Marcus Erbe, Jan Simon Grintsch, Martin Laliberté, Philippe Langlois, Jacques Perriault, Jean-Claude Risset, John Dack, Rolf Inge Godøy, Jacqueline Schaeffer, François Bayle, Claude Guisard, Francis Coupigny, Francçois Delalande, Beatriz Ferreyra, Roger Cochini, Nicolas Frize, Jean Michel Jarre, Daniel Teruggi, Marie-Claire Schaeffer, Jocelyne Tournet.

Pierre Schaeffer

Portraits polychromes 13: French version (without CD)

Évelyne Gayou

Pierre Schaeffer

  • Livre
    INA PP13_11
    20,00 CAD

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