Four Shibusa Monty Adkins

… crème de la crème in demanding music… CFLX 95.5 FM, Québec

Four Shibusa is a haunting and moving album that moves seamlessly between the clarinets of Jonathan Sage and Heather Roche and exquisitely crafted electronic soundworlds. This studio album is the result of a year-long collaboration with the visual artist Pip Dickens and takes as its starting-point the Japanese concept of ‘shibusa’ – a term that describes the inherent simplicity and beauty in everyday objects. The surface simplicity of the music belies a real sophistication in sound design and meticulous balance between delicate evolving textures and melodic writing. Heard as a whole this is an enveloping musical tour de force.

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Four Shibusa

Monty Adkins

Jonathan Sage, Heather Roche

  • CD 2.0
    AB 040
    Not in catalogue

In the press

Délire actuel’s 2012 Demanding Music Top 30

François Couture, CFLX 95.5 FM, December 11, 2012

The demanding music radio show Délire actuel (CFLX-FM 95.5, Sherbrooke, Quebec) unveiled today its top 30 experimental music albums you shouldn’t have missed in 2012. This list culls 30 titles, the 2012 crème de la crème in demanding music, i.e. the avant-gardist or experimental fringe in every music genre (contemporary, avant-garde jazz, free improvisation, avant-rock, electronica, etc.). […]

… crème de la crème in demanding music…

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