Catastrophe Point #9 & #10 Lethe

Catastrophe Point #9 & #10 is the latest in Kiyoharu Kuwayama’s signature series of compositions that explore the charged, mysterious atmosphere of disused urban sites.

For this double album, Lethe brought his attention to two Montréal-known sites, the huge Silo no 5 in Montréal port, and a long-time closed tunnel in the southwest part of the city. Invited in residency in Montréal by the organization Minute in June 2012, Kiyoharu spent most of his days recording his musical actions in these really strong architectures, working with their sonic qualities and with found objects on these locations.

  • Oral
  • ORAL 56 / 2013
  • Total duration: 85:35

Catastrophe Point #9 & #10


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