Images nomades Francis Dhomont

Cover art: Inés Wickmann (Adagp)
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Images nomades

Francis Dhomont



Nomadic [nomades, in French] are the following acoustic images through their movements across various stylistic and semantic fields.

This album consists of two very different parts of roughly the same duration. The first one features three abstract works, two of which are less than five years old. The second one culls short tribute pieces composed for musical anniversaries.

Part 1

The first three pieces all belong to my body of “abstract” works, unlike many of my compositions that fall under what I call the “figurative” category. By abstract, I mean works that have no other subject than music itself and which unfold solely along sonic criteria: rhythmical motifs; variations in density, intensity, material, shape; studies on how to occupy space; etc. They do not imply any metaphor. My figurative works, on the other hand, are those that are inspired by a non-musical theme, be it from poetry, literature, psychoanalysis, etc. These terms — abstraction and figuration — refer to those in use in the visual arts.

Phoenix XXI and Perpetuum mobile (Pluies fantômes) are twin pieces, two versions of the same project whose joint title could be Homozygotes (see Luc Ferrari), as they are developing the same accumulative, teeming materials, the sounds gathered in clusters, rainfalls — a consistent feature in my writing. The rehabilitation of pitches, of tones. Phoenix XXI is in stereo and rather contrapuntal, while Perpetuum mobile (Pluies fantômes) is an eight-channel piece and mostly harmonic. On this album, these two pieces are separated by Machin de machine, a fantasy inspired by Conlon Nancarrow’s rhythmical complexities.

Part 2

Ami-versaires: nine tributes to composers. These works often have a humorous tone and title tied to the camaraderie existing between the author and the individuals to whom these short pieces are dedicated. Many of these pieces quote, explicitly or implicitly, a well-known work by the dedicatee.

Francis Dhomont, Avignon [English translation: François Couture, ix-20]


Thanks to Gilles Gobeil for his listening skills and superior technical collaboration; to Inés Wickmann for her sensibly relevant comments; and to Annette Vande Gorne and François Bayle for their acousmatic complicity.

Francis Dhomont, Avignon [English translation: François Couture, ix-20]

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