Haïkus Annette Vande Gorne

Cover art: Luc Beauchemin, Jagers-in-de-yuki (2020)
  • Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles (Administration générale de la culture, Service de la musique)


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Annette Vande Gorne


Dear Annette,

Dear Annette,

To assemble iridescences as fleeting as fundamental particles (cohobated in your electronic still with much patience and desire), to compose sonic spurts out of those scattered myriads, to bring forth new theories out of their fulguration, and to let whoever listens to them completely free to chase their light – while listening to your Haïkus, I was left unsure whether I were in a concert hall or at the CERN witnessing an experience that was pushing the limits of physics or an event at the frontiers of music.

What you stretched out in front of our eyes was not a corny saccharine springtime, but the sacred crescendo of lively mornings, decisive beginnings where sap shoots up vigorously so that summer may come, when the opening of the most delicate of buds is imbued with imperative absolute – may Life outlive the winter of oblivion.

I perceived more than trite landscapes, I perceived a concertante power; more than descriptions, a sum; more than vignettes, something green and fresh. And in that regard your work comes closer to poetry: it does not, under the naked notes, like with naked words, present facts: it invokes valences, it convenes values, it entreats freedom.

May that springtime come!

Miguel Mesquita da Cunha, Grand-Leez (Gembloux), on this Europe Day of 2017 [English translation: François Couture]

About the cover image

Luc Beauchemin, Jagers-in-de-yuki (2020) from Jagers in de Sneeuw [The Hunters in the Snow] (1565) by Pieter Bruegel de Oude and Hakone (1833-34), 10th station of Tōkaidō Gojūsan-tsugi no uchi [The Fifty-three Stations of the Tōkaidō] by Utagawa Hiroshige.

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