World Is A Blues: Blues électroacoustiques — Hommage aux exilé·es

Kristoff K.Roll, Jean-Michel Espitallier / J-Kristoff Camps, Carole Rieussec

Immersed in the Calais Jungle to record the refugees’ memories of their dreams in all their languages, such as Farsi, Sudanese Arabic, Foor, Pashto, Eritrean, Tigrinya, we sensed these dream stories drifting to life stories, reality’s violence penetrating the dream. Thereafter, we surveyed other territories, attentive to the refugees’ testimonies, and were struck by the epic and tragedy they summoned. We then invited authors Jean-Michel Espitallier and Anne Kawala to translate them into their poetic language.

Book + 2 × CD (MS 9782380280180)

  • Label: Mazeto Square
  • MS 9782380280180
  • 2022
  • ISBN 9782380280180
  • French
  • 210 mm × 148 mm × 12 mm
  • 305 g
  • 100 pages