Maryanne Amacher

Maryanne Amacher is a composer, performer, and multi-media artist. An innovator in exploring sonic telepresence, Amacher is known internationally for her dramatic architectural staging of music and sound. “Amacher’s work is very concerned with what happens after you see and hear,” writes MIT’s Marvin Minsky, “the afterimages and aftersounds. In fact, although she works in several media, her main concern is with understanding and manipulating the perception of space and duration; with finding ways to make people feel they are in a different (and usually more desirable) place. Amacher has become a master of controlling sound that are comparatively ‘faint’, yet produce a new sense of location and orientation. I see her work as exploring a number of important issues on the boundaries of contemporary perceptual psychology, exploring the ways that subtle environmental changes affect how we see the world from moment to moment. The room becomes new kinds of places, some unlike any past experience.” More

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Maryanne Amacher

Kane (Pennsylvania, USA), 1938 – Kingston (New York, USA), 2009

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