Suzanne Binet-Audet

October 26 – November 8, 2013: Gobeil, Binet-Audet to Tour Germany

Wednesday, October 16, 2013 In concert

Works for ondes Martenot by Gilles Gobeil and performed by Suzanne Binet-Audet will be presented at five concerts during a tour of Germany from October 26 to November 8, 2013. Acousmatic works will complement the programs. The tour will stop at SinusTon festival on October 26 in Magdeburg, at the ZKM on October 31 in Karlsruhe, at Tage neuer Musik festival on November 3 in Weimar, in the concert series Elektroakustische Musik Hören (EM Hören) on November 7 in Berlin, and at Now! festival on November 8 in Essen.

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November 12 – 23, 2011: Gobeil to Tour ondes Martenot Works in the UK

Thursday, August 18, 2011 In concert

Gilles Gobeil and onde Martenot player Suzanne Binet-Audet will present seven concerts in the UK from November 12 to 23, 2011: Edinburgh (12), Glasgow (14), Keele (16), Bangor (17), Birmingham (19), Norwich (21), Scarborough (23). In these concerts are programed the three works for ondes Martenot and tape by Gilles Gobeil from the disc Trilogie d’ondes along with a few recent acousmatic pieces.

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July 23 – August 3, 2008: Conference + Inventionen Festival, Berlin

Saturday, July 5, 2008 General

The 5th edition of the Sound and Music Computing Conference (SMC ’08) will take place from July 31 to August 3, 2008 in Berlin (Germany). Starting July 23 concerts will be presented as part of the Inventionen 2008 festival. The joined programme is absolutely outstanding: many artists will be there, such as Martin Bédard, François Bayle, Ivo Malec, Bernard Parmegiani, Jean-Claude Risset, Denis Smalley, Horacio Vaggione, Annette Vande Gorne… Not to be missed:

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eD: Gobeil Unveils a Trilogy for ondes Martenot, in 24-bit Sound

Tuesday, May 17, 2005 New releases

Two years after Le contrat, an adaptation of Goethe’s Faust, composed in collaboration with René Lussier, Gilles Gobeil unveils his Trilogie d’ondes (Ondes Trilogy), mixed works for ondes Martenot and tape, brilliantly interpreted by Suzanne Binet-Audet. The second DVD-Audio release by the empreintes DIGITALes label, Trilogie d’ondes presents new recordings of Voix blanche (White Voice) and Là où vont les nuages… (Where the Clouds Go…) in addition to La perle et l’oubli (Pearl and Oblivion), inspired by the Gnostic text Hymn of the Pearl.

May 21, 2005: Binet-Audet and Dumas featured at the 7th HTMlles

Monday, May 16, 2005 In concert

For the 7th edition of the HTMlles festival, Ondes-Martenot player Suzanne Binet-Audet will give two performances, one on May 19, 2005 alongside Karèya Audet and Michelle Kasprzak at La Centrale (Montréal), and another in solo on May 20, 2005 at the Studio XX (Montréal). Sound artist Chantal Dumas will present HISTOIRes ORALes with Valerie Walker, a project relating women’s relations to technology through their personal experiences, on May 21, 2005 at the Monument-National (Montréal).

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September 30, 2002: A “Connected” Evening

Thursday, September 19, 2002 In concert

On Monday September 30, 2002, the 4th Orgue et couleurs festival invites you to a “connected” evening where traditional instruments and current technology meet for our greater pleasure. Robert Normandeau will present Chorus, recently awarded at the 2002 Freiburg International Sacred Music Composition competition; Gilles Gobeil will reveal to the Québec public his new creation, La perle et l’oubli for tape and ondes Martenot (performed by Suzanne Binet-Audet); also, the organ and piano duet Majoya. In Montréal’s Saint-Nom-de-Jésus church at 8pm.

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