León Biriotti

Uruguayan oboist and composer studied in Montevideo with Jean-Louis LeRoux, Enrique Casal Chapí and Jean Martinon, and later on with Alberto Ginastera and György Ligeti. He has done versatile work for new music as an oboist, premiering a considerable number of new compositions, and writing many works for his instrument including two concerti with orchestra he performed in Italy, Austria, United Kingdom and Finland in recent years. In addition, as a recitalist he has performed all over South America, as well as in Europe, the USA and Canada. León Biriotti has written numerous articles on new music, has been a broadcaster in Montevideo, and has taught oboe and composition over the years in Latin America and Europe. More

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León Biriotti

Montevideo (Uruguay), 19292020

  • Composer
  • Performer (oboe)