Khrystell E Burlin

Khrystell E Burlin is a video and new media artist. A former student of Jean Piché at the Université de Montréal (Québec), his work has been shown in several festivals and museums in London, Paris, Berlin, Toronto, Montréal, Tokyo, Sydney…

Strongly influenced by painting, ancient arts and mythologies, he develops a metaphoric, non-realistic and estheticist approach. The main purpose of his work is to explore the interconnections between music and visuals by creating layers of superimposition and montage inside the shot. Very similar to the musical concept of orchestration, these techniques put an emphasis on the concept of compositing — a concept which is often contrasted with that of montage — and allow him ‘moving images scores’ in which colors, shapes and movements melt into polyphonic visual chords.


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Khrystell E Burlin

Condom-en-Armagnac (Gers, France), 1975

Residence: London (England, UK)

  • Visual artist (video)