jef chippewa

jef chippewa (Canadian, living in Berlin), is a composer of electroacoustic and instrumental works, specialist in the notation of new music, arts administrator, project manager and a fantastic cook. In recent works he has explored the potential of the miniature as a way of problematizing musical form, such as 17 miniatures (flute, extended piano, drumset and several dozen sound-producing objects) and in his footscapes (electroacoustic) and postcards (toy piano and sound objects) series. Sound objects and funky performance techniques play a large role in his works since plastik [disposable music #2 ] (2003) and in nomine (2004), and a mildly theatrical, gestural-choreographic element has been a crucial compositional element of most of his recent instrumental pieces, notably … unless he senses when to jump (2012) and … without… (2008). More

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jef chippewa

London (Ontario, Canada), 1969

Residence: Berlin (Germany)

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