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eD: New cycle of works by Francis Dhomont

Wednesday, January 16, 2002 New releases

“… he dramatically takes the listener through an experience that is both terrifying and serene.” (The WholeNote, Canada, 2002) In Francis Dhomont’s own words, Cycle du son (Cycle of Sound), his 5th empreintes DIGITALes album is a “… homage to the inventiveness of Pierre Schaeffer, who clearly created an upheaval in the world of music that has had no precedent.” Still at the forefront of theorists and practitioners in this “Ars Nova” that is acousmatic music, Dhomont delivers here three new works which completes, with the classic Novars, this cycle dedicated to musique concrète. Using excerpts from both Schaeffer’s Étude aux objets, the composers own very personnal sound bank and, as usual, delicious quotations from other composers, this “cycle of sound” establish itself as one of Dhomont’s major works, the fermata of the past century.

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