Dice B

Since the late 1980s, the Haitian-born rapper Dice B has been a leader in Montréal’s Hip-Hop scene. After his early beginnings with Jay Soul and The Souls Tribe, he produced, in 1994, Québec’s first English Hip Hop album. At the same time he undertook radio with Radio Centre-Ville’s show “Nuit blanche,” a program that is still on the air and has since become a reference of the genre. In addition to kicking his rimes on breakbeats in both French and English, Dice B frequently collaborates with musicians of other genres: with the musique actuelle ensemble Kappa, the contemporary jazz ensemble [iks], and with mixed electroacoustic music. Since 1999, his energy is primarily focused on his collaboration with Sun Shan and D Odz, within their group Catburglaz, whose two albums have been highly acclaimed by critics. More

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Dice B

Residence: Montréal (Québec)

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