Artists Lawrence English

Lawrence English

Residence: Brisbane (Queensland, Australia)

  • Composer


empreintes DIGITALes / IMED 0898, IMED 0898_NUM / 2008


Various artists
Störung / STR 008 / 2010
  • Not in catalogue

Articles written

  • Lawrence English, Time Off, April 25, 2004


Lawrence English, Time Off, April 25, 2004

While Bleak 1999 begins with a rhythmic pattern that’s anything but engaging, this 73-minute composed work does take on a strong sense of direction and form over its course. Pieces like the hauntingly spatial Cefuroxime carry with them a darker edge - the melody of the piece creating an unsettling feeling in the listener.

This feeling is echoed in the gentle chaos of pieces like Input fluid, which is anything but liquid in its form. The use of rhythm in this composition is possibly its weakest point, with the techno-inspired loops feeling a little out of place. Then again, perhaps this only adds to the sonic confusion… 3/5

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