António Ferreira

Studied chemistry but the audition of a Bernard Parmegiani record made him became aware of his interest in music and composition using computers. He formalizes this interest by attending Sonology in 1986 at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague where he studied with Paul Berg, Clarence Barlow, Konrad Boehmer, George Lewis and others. There he also met the American composer Rodney Waschka II, with whom he recorded electroacoustic compositions, some of which would later be a part of the Música de Baixa Fidelidade LP.

After this release, António began working as an expert in noise pollution and bioacoustics and has published several papers, alone and in collaboration, relating to bioacoustics, noise pollution and music.

In 1998 began composing again and released in 2000 a CD containing some of his productions through the label Ananana entitled Músicas Fictícias, composed and recorded in his home studio in Cascais. Since, he has been edited in the Metamorphoses 2004 CD, as finalist, in the Antology of Portuguese Electronic Music (ed. Placton Music 2004) and in the Electronic Music — Portugues composers compilation, edited by Miso Music in 2005.

He made several concerts with real time electronics in The Hague, Amsterdam (STEIM), Den Bosch, Cologne and Lisbon and presented his electroacoustic compositions in several national (Festival Música Viva; Festival de Aveiro) and international festivals and presentations (Festival Synthèse de Bouges, Computer Music cycle of the Paris University VIII; Electroacoustic Festival de Bourges; International Computer Music Conference 2002, ’03, ’05 and other events in Norway, Denmark, Italy, South Korea, USA, UK, Belgium, Brazil, Sweden and Ireland). He received honorary mentions in the Bourges Electroacoustic competition in 2006, in the Miniaturas Electroacusticas 2006 (Huelva, Spain) and in the Musica Nova festival 2004-2006.

[source: MR 2004] [iii-07]

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António Ferreira

Luanda (Angola), 1963

Residence: Portugal

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