Gilles Gobeil

August 18 – 27, 2010: Annette Vande Gorne at BIMESP, São Paulo

Monday, August 9, 2010 In concert

Annette Vande Gorne is a guest composer at the 6th Bienal Internacional de Música Eletroacústica de São Paulo (BIMESP) to take place on August 18 - 27, 2010 at the Teatro Maria de Lourdes Sekeff of the Instituto de Artes da UNESP in São Paulo (Brazil). On August 19 afternoon Annette Vande Gorne will give a master class and, in the evening, will diffuse a megaconcert of Belgian music, the Painel dos Países 2 — Bélgica concert. On August 20 she will spatialise the works selected by Gilles Gobeil for the Painel dos Países 3 — Canadá concert.

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January 23 – February 13, 2010: Gobeil, Smalley… at Northeastern, Boston

Thursday, January 14, 2010 In concert

The Music Technology programme at Northeastern University in Boston (USA) is presenting a 4-concert electroacoustic concert series this winter 2010. Concert #1 on January 23, 2010 is featuring Gilles Gobeil (and will include Dreams in the Desert by Elainie Lillios) and concert #2 on February 13 is featuring Denis Smalley (and will include à la cire perdue by Laurie Radford). Both these first concerts are presented at The Fenway Center in Boston (USA).

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December 10, 2009: Conference and Concert by Gilles Gobeil in Montréal

Thursday, December 3, 2009 In concert

As part of the Électro-chocs series, Gilles Gobeil will present a concert with the electroacoustic composition class of the Conservatoire de musique de Montréal on December 10, 2009 at the Conservatoire. Gobeil will give a conference at 7pm and will present his works Ombres, espaces, silences…, Le miroir triste (available on Trois songes), Nuit cendre (available on … dans le silence de la nuit…), Les lointains noirs et rouges, and Castalie during the concert at 8pm.