Max Haiven

Max Haiven is an audio/video artist, activist, and student currently residing in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Haiven’s work attempts to bridge these three roles and work to create works, actions, and texts which both empower and explore.

Currently, Haiven’s audio works includes the forthcoming (October) release of his collaboration Front with Saskatoon based media artist Jon Vaughn on the Montréal label No Type. Front represents the culmination of three years of work by the duo and promises to be a singular and challenging offering.

Recent solo works by Haiven includes Chan Son In: the result of encounters with electronic, techno and dance musics and cultures. This cosmic collection of works is a new synthesis of electronic themes negotiating minimalism, techno, trance and house and is infinitely prepared to meet the dancefloor. Chan Son In will be released on a web-based sub-label of No Type being slated for launch in October 2003, curated by Carrie Gates & Jon Vaughn.

Haiven’s work is informed by the many years he spent recording as “Theyta,” a project which terminated in Nice Line: A Modest Proposal: a post-apocalyptic reflection on the logics of experimental and electronic music (yet unreleased).

Haiven extends his audio work with his works as a VJ and video artist. In 2001 he was awarded a scholarship from the Halifax Centre for Art Tapes artist-run centre to study and document explorations in video feedback. He is currently researching activist media production.

Haiven has performed audio and video work at the Paved Art and New Media’s Digidome Festival (2002) in Saskatoon, the Halifax Experimental Music Festival (2001), and on numerous other occasions. He will be presenting Front with Jon Vaughn at the No Type curated PRÉrien sub-series of the Rien à voir festival in Montréal in October 2003.

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Max Haiven


Residence: Halifax (Nova Scotia, Canada)

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