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Elizabeth Hoffman has lived and worked in New York City since joining the Arts and Science Faculty at New York University (NYU) in 1998, where she founded and directs the Washington Square Computer Music Studio in the Department of Music. Her musical interests center around texture, timbre, tuning, harmony at the border of noise, and spatialization. She has written electroacoustic music since the early 1990s when her primary teachers were Bülent Arel at Stony Brook University (NY, USA), and Diane Thome and Richard Karpen at the University of Washington (WA, USA). In response to a Residency invitation she worked at the Electronic Music Studio of the Musik Akademie Basel (Switzerland) for several months in 1995. Recognition for her electroacoustic music has come from the Bourges International Electroacoustic Music Competition, Prix Ars Electronica competition, Seattle Arts Commission, and Jerome Foundation. Mixed electroacoustic projects include collaborations with acoustic instrument performers Claire Chase, Elizabeth McNutt, Ivan Goff, Margaret Lancaster, Arthur Campbell, Esther Lamneck, Abbie Conant, and TimeTable Percussion. Hoffman’s electroacoustic music has been released by Neuma Records, Centaur, Innova, and empreintes DIGITALes.


Elizabeth Hoffman

Newark (New Jersey, USA), 1961

Residence: New York City (New York, USA)

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Elizabeth Hoffman [Photo: Brett Beutsch, New York City (New York, USA), November 2, 2015]
Elizabeth Hoffman [Photo: Brett Beutsch, New York City (New York, USA), November 2, 2015]
  • Monique Jean and Elizabeth Hoffman at the Spatialized Sound concert at Skirball Center — New York University [Photo: Pauline Kim Harris, New York City (New York, USA), February 27, 2015]
  • Elizabeth Hoffman [Newcastle (Northern Ireland, UK), March 11, 2012]
  • Elizabeth Hoffman [Photo: Michael Benabib, New York City (New York, USA), February 2010]
  • Elizabeth Hoffman [Photo: Michael Benabib, New York City (New York, USA), February 2010]
  • Elizabeth Hoffman

Selected works

Main releases

empreintes DIGITALes / IMED 12115, IMED 12115_NUM / 2012


Various artists
empreintes DIGITALes / IMED 9837, IMED 9837_NUM / 1998


Everglade Records / EVG 1202 / 2013
  • Not in catalogue
Various artists
Neuma Records / NMA 450105 / 2006
  • Not in catalogue
Various artists
Centaur Records / CRC 2512 / 1997
  • Not in catalogue
Various artists
Ars Electronica / PA 95 / 1995
  • Not in catalogue


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