Artists Naut Humon

For over 20 years, Sound Traffic Control (STC) creator, curator, and conductor Naut Humon has been staging underground events which have inverted and blurred the roles of audience and participant.

Naut Humon was the primary catalyst, producer, arranger, and performer of Rhythm & Noise.

He later founded STC in 1991 with two intentions: first, to replace Rhythm & Noise’s group form by a more flexible collective; and second, to focus on using an orchestral setting to explore three-dimensional space.

Throughout the years, along with his own electroacoustic excursions and products Naut has collaborated with dozens of artists and musicians of numerous influences, disciplines and styles. His investigative processes and the interaction of this diverse combination of performers is what makes STC what it is today.

Naut Humon

Seattle (Washington, USA)

Residence: California (USA)

  • Composer
  • Performer

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