Tomas Jirku

Tomas Jirku has quickly established himself on the international electronic music scene. From his humble beginnings of independently released MP3s — first by No Type in 1999 — and CD-Rs, his unpredictable explorations of techno have since been released on prestigious record labels around the world.

Born in the Czech Republic, he escaped with his family to Toronto (Canada) while Eastern Europe was still under communist control. Jirku spent his impressionable youth studying fine art and design, playing video games, painting graffiti, and listening to the early stars across the gamut of electronic music. Ever since high school, when a collaboration using archaic music software proved to be exceedingly hilarious, Jirku has been enjoying the world of production through noise-making machines of all kinds.

With already an impressive discography to his name, and an unrelenting desire to challenge himself, Jirku has created a new method of realizing his ideas and music though his new label Rivers of Recordings. Currently working as the Manager of Design and Print Production for one of Vancouver’s most respected print studios Jirku will combine his background in art with his passion for music in very limited edition albums complete with hand-made graphics available for sale only directly. Expect the results to be an odd paring of music worthly of space-travel with neo-neo-art-deco prints inspired by Jirku’s love of mountains and rivers.


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Tomas Jirku

Czech Republic

Residence: Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

  • Composer