Artists Gregory Lenczycki

As a composer, performer and instrument builder, Gregory Lenczycki has a diverse background of experience in electro-acoustic music. A recent graduate of the Center for Contemporary Music at Mills College, he has scored music for both film and dance, and has worked as an instructor through the CCM and CNMAT and as an assistant to Maryanne Amacher and Eliane Radigue. He has performed with Alvin Curran, Artists Make Noise, and the New Music Theatre, and his compositions have been presented throughout North America and Europe. His music has been described as “numinous… hypnotically oscillating between conscious and subconscious sound worlds, between implicit and explicit stages of auditory cryptonesia and anamnesia.”

Mr. Lenczycki is currently dividing his efforts with Sound Traffic Control between the development of extreme digital audio analysis and resynthesis routines and the composition of new music for STC’s 3-D sound diffusion system. In addition to STC, he is currently recording and performing with Citizen Band.

Gregory Lenczycki

  • Composer


Various artists
Asphodel / ASP 0966 / 1995
  • Out of print

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